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Our Motto: Many Hands, One Heart

The Kingdom of Coreathea is a historical re-enactment group dedicated to family, friends,  and all aspects of historical renaissance life during the years from 1485-1603. The Kingdom of Coreathea is committed to education  of speech, weapons, garb creation, and period dance.  We are equally excited about heraldry, daily Renaissance  life, food, games, music and art for both adults and children of all ages.  Mingling and playing, our members  enjoy spending time with visitors from other lands in both their daily travels and at our Masquerade Ball.   Our group welcomes new members that are interested in immersing themselves in history and making new friends  while exploring the past. 

Performing Arts - Dancing & Theatre

The Kingdom of Coreathea participates in many forms of fine arts such as live theatre and renaissance style dancing which is all performed at the Age of Chivalry Las Vegas Faire.  

Combat - Sword Fighting & Archery

The Kingdom of Coreathea participates in many forms of combat from swordplay to archery.  All ages can participate in our various weaponry styles, and advance along the path of knighthood and chivalry.


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