Combat at Renaissance Faires

We offer boffer style fighting during the renaissance faires to children and adults alike. We also offer the Fight a Knight challenge, where people are able to fight against one of our kingdom knights. Our normal waiver and armor requirements do not apply to these events and the only armor a combatant needs to wear is a loaner helmet that we provide for you. So please come out and join in or simply sit back and watch the spectacle.  

Knightly Tournaments

We have combat tournaments monthly throughout the year outside of the renaissance faires. These tournaments serve to help those on the path of chivalry to advance toward their knighthood and combatants to keep there skills honed and sharp.  

Combat Demos

We enjoy working with multiple charity organizations such as the Make a Wish Foundation, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and other organizations in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. We perform theatre, dance  demonstrations, and fighting demonstrations for the children and their families. 


Lightweight foam sword for slashing only. Used as a child's teaching weapon.

Boffer Videos

Boffer combat with the Girl Scouts.


A basic sparing weapon made of bamboo slats held together by leather wraps. Impact is greatly lessoned because of the mobility of the slats. Starting weapon for learning swordplay. 


A thin and lightweight metal sword style used in duels where combatants favor speed and agility over power. 

Rapier Videos

Rapier tournament at renn faire.


A full contact style using a rattan wooden sword or spear to engage your opponent with heavy hits and a great amount of power. Little to no grace in this fighting style. 


This is the epitome of our combat styles, combining the speed and agility used in Rapier with the powerful strikes used in Heavy. This form uses real steel swords that have their edges dulled to avoid cutting but they are the full weight of a steel sword and have all the crushing power behind them.

Steel Videos

This is our Steel fighting style. This is a fight to the Yield, which means that the fight continues until one combatant can no longer proceed. This is also Knightly combat which means that punches, elbows, and head butts are also allowed. This is not our normal tournament fighting style this was a challenge match between two Knights.  


The skill of taking a fine bow and arrow and hitting a bullseye from across a field is a time honored tradition that is still very popular to this day. 

Combat Requirements

AGE REQUIREMENTS All combatants under the age of 18 must have a signed children's waiver that has been notarized. A child's parent or guardian must be present for the child to participate in combat.  The minimum age requirements for combat participation in tournaments, demos, melee, or practice are:   

Boffer: children 6 years of age and older  

Shinai: 13 years of age   

Rapier: 15 years of age  

Heavy: 18 years of age   

Steel: 18 years of age   

Combat archery, Shinai: 13 years of age   

Combat archery, Rapier: 15 years of age   

Combat archery, Heavy: 18 years of age   

Combat archery, Steel: 18 years of age   

Tournament Archery: children 6 years of age and older       

COMBATANT RULES FOR THE FIELD SAFETY  All combatants shall conduct themselves in a safe and courteous manner at all times. Acting in a manner unsafe to themselves, other combatants, or spectators or demonstrating a loss of temper or the use of vulgarity will be reason for removal from the field by a Marshal or a member of the HOL. Each combatant shall maintain control over his or her temper at all times.

All combatants, prior to combat at any event or practice, shall ensure that their armor and weapons are inspected by a Kingdom Marshal. Even though a warranted Marshal has inspected the armor and weapons used by a combatant, each combatant shall accept full responsibility for the condition of his or her own equipment. Each combatant has the obligation to his or herself, the marshals, and all opponents, to see that his or her equipment meets Kingdom requirements. A combatant shall not enter the lists or participate in any form of combat activity while impaired by alcohol or drugs (including, but not limited to: drugs prescribed by a licensed health care provider, over the counter medications, and illegal controlled substances.)