The Royal Court

This is where our faire family holds court.

Coreatheans have been a part of the renaissance  faire for over a decade now. We continue to have fun each and every year with our guild family and friends. Please come out and join us.  

King Quinlan Moriarty

Adara Harrington, the wife of Henry Augustus Moriarty, an Anglo-Irish Lord of Kerry, Ireland gave birth to their only son, Quinlan, on August 5th, 1519.  He was sent away from home at the age of 10 by his parents in hope that he would find a better life for himself far from the power struggle amongst the Gaelic chieftains at home.  He was to live as a page with his distant cousin, a country knight in Durham, England.  Raised to be responsible and appreciate hard work, Quinlan enjoyed growing up on the farm.  At the age 15 young Quinlan was quickly approaching manhood and decided to see the country.  Traveling west to the county of Cumberland, to the city of Carlisle, Quinlan entered a city bustling with activity as their yearly tournament was under way.  Seeking excitement, Quinlan approached Carlisle Castle.  Large in size for his age he managed to enter a competition for sword fighting and won.  He continued to win throughout the day and was named champion at the tournaments end.  Found to be a stranger and underage, he feared a punishment, but a knight famous in the area stepped forth and asked the young man with so much promise and skill if he wished to become his squire. With great relief and joy, Quinlan accepted the offer and became the Squire to Sir Vincent Renshaw, a knight from a Isle Kingdom off the coast of Scotland.  

Though a Knight of the Kingdom of Coreathea, Sir Vincent felt a loyalty to the people of England as both his birth home and his location of his family.  Staying behind after serving as a military guard to the royal family as they traveled, Sir Vincent became ensnared in the politics of England and Scotland.  Hoping to help protect his family he stayed and fought and Quinlan fought by his side learning and growing as both a man and as a fighter, knowing that when the time came that they would be traveling to a strange land that Sir Vincent called home.

In the fall of 1542 after a fierce battle against a raid from Scotland, Squire Quinlan, was knighted on the field of battle in gratitude for his valiant bravery.  The next few years they continued fighting side by side against any that would attack Sir Vincent's hometown.  As the years passed Sir Vincent's parents passed on and his ties to the area grew less and less and his desire to return to his island home grew harder and harder to suppress.   In 1556, Sir Vincent was sent a letter of summons to travel to Spain to escort Duchess Kathryne of the Kingdom of Coreathea, daughter to the King, home after a failed marriage.  Thrilled with the opportunity to go home, Vincent left immediately and Quinlan chose to accompany him on his travels.  

The journey from Spain back to Coreathea went all but unnoticed as Quinlan spent every waking moment enjoying the company of Duchess Kathryne.  They knew within a short time that they were soul mates, perfect for each other and couldn't bring themselves to not be near each other, but they knew that it was but a dream to think that a knight might be allowed to be married to a Duchess.  Once home, Kathryne was rushed to the deathbed of her father.  She spent her days beside him and expressed her heart for her knight to him.  The day of his death the king gave Kathryne his blessing and told her that he would wish for her to follow her heart and as her sister would be Queen, he saw no reason for her not to be happy and would not ask her to marry for political gain again.  Six months later after her sister was named Queen, Sir Quinlan and Duchess Kathryne were married.  For the next year they enjoyed life at the castle with their daughter and grew to love each other and their family more every day.  After Kathryne's sister was overthrown with a violent uprising from the citizens, the reluctant Duchess Kathryne took the throne and was crowned Queen.  Sir Quinlan Moriarty, naturally took the throne beside hers as King with the support of the populace, and lived to protect and love his family and his kingdom. The people rejoiced and all settled well in our kingdom.  The king and queen love both the kingdom and it's people and peace now flourishes throughout our land. The King and Queen, and the entire populace of the island, now venture forth into the unknown. 

Queen Kathryne Isabela de Gaulle

I am a direct descendent of King Thomas and Queen Isabeau.  I, together with Quinlan, rule a vast and strikingly beautiful isle kingdom. We are isolated from the rest of thy world with regard politics and problems, yet we are connected to both friend and foe by all the waters that surround us.  Our island is lush and diverse in her landscape and her people.  Only a speck in the map of our world, Coreathea is our home.  Built before my grandfather, Our castle is humble yet Alturius stands proud and strong looming high on a hill in the northeastern most point of thee island.  Built like a fortress, Alturius speaks of a history of instability and war.  A castle rough and hard on the outside, but filled with my history, my family, and so much love.  Alturius is thy castle that called me home to my father and brother.  To my past and to family.  It is now an anchor that keeps me still.  I believe that ruling a kingdom is an honor, but until you have lived along our cliffs, deep in the forest, where you can hear a waterfall or the brawls in a tavern, until you get to know the island and those who live on its land, you can't imagine the honor of ruling this  kingdom these people.  But, it is a job first where each new day reminds me of the enormous burden that lies always upon my shoulders.  Burdens are not always bad and this one comes much with reward that reminds me each and every day of who I am and that I am grateful for my position, my home, and my people.  It still stuns me to be here, sitting in my outer chamber writing in this diary, I remember my childhood.  And with my memories of my youth I remember betrayal, childbirth, and long times of tumultuous travel, but most I remember waiting and yearning for something more, something else.  Yet, it is all so distant, so far away now.  Yet, I can remember it all if I read words of my own hand from the beginning.